Monday, June 27, 2011

First post of 2011

Ok- so I am definitely not a hard-core blogger. It is June 27 and this is the first time I have blogged this year. Yikes! I guess that tells you how much free time I don't have. This week should be a different story, though, cause I AM ON VACATION! Although we can't afford a big fancy get out of dodge vacation, I still took a week off of both jobs to spend some time just hanging out with Scott and the kids. Scott took a few days off too so hopefully we are able to just relax and enjoy ourselves. Now, if mother nature cooperates, that will be amazing!

I guess I should have read back in my blogs to see if anything has really changed, but my guess is that it hasn't. I am still working two jobs, Scott is still working a full time job and trying to take pictures whenever he can. The kids are still growing up too fast and the days are still not long enough to get stuff done. Thru all of that, we are still blessed with good health and wonderful families that support us, so all in all life is good.

I hope to be able to blog everyday this week, because it's nice to sit down and recount the wonders of being with my children. First order of vacation- taking Haley to the eye dr to try to get her in contacts. This will be attempt number 2. If this one doesn't work I am going to make her wait until next summer, so cross your fingers for her........

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