Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My how time flies...

Wow- 5 months since I've been here, huh? Yikes. Well what has happened since July? Umm, I am still working 2 jobs, Scott is now working for SD Achieve doing maintenance. I have no idea what job he had in July, if any. This job is his 3rd in like 2 months, but this one he seems to like, so that's a plus. Said job did put him in the Emergency room once though. 6 stitches and 2 broken teeth, but all in all very lucky! The first semester of the school year is almost over. Haley made the transition to middle school with ease. Hannah is doing great as a 4th grader and Will, well Will seems older every day. I can't believe he is almost old enough for kindergarten! AAAHH!

Haley has been taking Karate since this summer. It is so nice to see her in something active and enjoying herself. The weird thing is that she gets really frustrated when they don't correct people for doing the moves wrong. I know! She has made it to an orange belt already and is testing for her green belt this week!

Christmas season is in full swing-I feel very behind and un-ready. But, alas, Christmas will come whether I feel ready or not. I am pretty excited that I took a few days off of both jobs and Travis and Robin will be here with the kids!!! I think I am finally at the stage of life that the holidays are more about enjoying myself with everyone around me and less about all of the hustle and bustle. Too bad my kids (and hubby) probably don't see it that way. I would have been perfectly happy to just take a few days off of work and not have the tree and presents, just some quality time with my family. Maybe working so much has made me appreciate the time we are together more. I know I still fuss about a clean house and getting things done, but I really do enjoy snuggling on the couch watching a movie or sitting around the kitchen table playing a game. (yes, people still play board games)

Well, I suppose it is time to start getting ready for tomorrow. Maybe I will actually start updating this silly ole blog again! Kind of nice to take a couple minutes to document life's little things!

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