Wednesday, June 29, 2011

!/2 over???

It's Wednesday - my vacation is almost 1/2 over already! This has been a really great week so far. Monday I spent almost the whole day with Haley. We started out the morning at the eye doctor for a second attempt at getting her contacts. She was successful! I am very proud of her. The last time she tried, she had a little panic attack when the dr was trying to put the contacts in. I know how hard it can be to overcome that panic once it happens, so I think she did awesome being able to handle it so well. Then she and I went shopping. We were kind of looking for a birthday outfit for her and a summer dress for me. We were both having a really hard time finding things for ourselves so we decided to pick stuff out for each other. It was really fun to see her picking things out htat she thought I would like and having her try on things that I picked out for her. I think we could have shopped like that for a very long time. I took her to Johnny Carino's for supper - cuz the girl loves her carbs! All in all, one of the best days I have had with Haley in a long time- hopefully many more like that to come! I tried to get a picture of her, but she kept laughing too hard so this is the best I got:

Yesterday was Scott and my 14 year anniversary.I know, right? (by the way, I really hate that saying) For a gift, he scheduled me to get my hair cut and colored, so I spent the morning relaxing at the salon. While I was there, he brought me some flowers. Do I have the most amazing husband or what? Yup, the most amazing, I know! We all went to Drake Springs pool for a little while in the afternoon. Will had a really great time, so eventhough the rest of us were too cold to actually have fun in the water, it was worth it. He had been looking forward to going to the pool for quite a while. Scott and I had a "date" last night. Dinner and a movie - yep - I made it thru a movie- no panic attacks at all! Maybe I am outgrowing the crazy panic stuff........

Today is Scott's last day off. I think he is planning to go for a bike ride this morning and I want to do another family pool day this afternoon- different pool this time. I had told the kids we could do a "tour of the pools" this week. Sounds like the weather is going to cooperate so it should be another great day!

I could really get used to this staying home thing!

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