Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wendy's Staycation 2010

Hi! Well it seems it's been a while again, oops! Even missed blogging about another b-day. Haley turned 11 on July 3! Can you believe it? 11! For some reason though her turning 11 doesn't bother me. I think it's because most days she seems older than that anyway so 11 is no biggie.

So our family is definitely one of the "staycation" families due to money issues. I took this week off of both jobs mostly just to hang out with the kids and to give Scott and Colleen both a break from all the day to day running with them. Yesterday was certainly filled with "running". I went for a run, had a haircut in the morning, got my oil changed, helped all 3 kids clean out their closets so we could see what was really needed for school clothes (really not too much - yay!), took the girls to "super duper training" at the Wellness Center, took Haley and Will to the dentist (Haley gets to go back again today to have 2 cavities filled), Scott took Haley to karate while I made supper, went to Hannah's first summer soccer game (she rocked), came home and finally sat down at around 8:00!

Today should be a little less running- need to go thru all the clothes that was pulled out of closets yesterday so I can try to bring some to Once Upon A Child- might as well try to get a little cash this week too! Thinking about taking the munckins to the zoo this morning. Gonna try to get in maybe an hour at the pool before Haley has to go to the dentist, she also has karate again today and Hannah has another soccer game. Ok- so still quite a bit of running to do, but should have play time in there too!

Well, I suppose I should get started on the clothes so that when the girls get up we can start play time!

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