Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm on vacation, right?

The last 2 days have been so busy it doesn't really feel like vacation, but I guess I would rather have it that way than sitting around doing nothing- that really isn't me! So, what was accomplished on day 2 of staycation 2010?

Clothes were brought to Once Upon A Child (most of them also brought back home), went to the zoo for a bit, went to one store to look at school supplies and realized we had no idea what we neeeded, home for lunch, pool for an hour, Haley to the dentist for 2 cavities, drove across town to drop off papers at accountant (don't ask), Haley to karate (that one wasn't really me- her friends picked her up and dropped her off), supper, soccer, couch time finally at 8!

See- sitting still isnt' really my strong point anyway!

We don't have too much planned for today. I am planning a library trip and a swing by goodwill to get rid of some stuff. It's super humid already this morning so maybe the pool again this afternoon.

I tried to take a couple pics of me and the kids at the zoo. Not an easy task - I don't do a lot of the "taking my own picture" thing. The kids thought I was crazy- nothing new there, though!

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