Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What can happen in a week?

I see that last Wednesday was the last time I blogged. With my boring life, there couldn't be much to catch up on since then right? With some of the things that have happened in the last week, I sure wish that were true!

Ok so we left off last Wed. I can't think of anything interesting that happened on Thursday (surprise, I know). Friday was a horrible day. We finally decided to take Bandit to the vet to be put to sleep. Haley and Scott spent a good chunk of the morning crying together. When I got home from work Scott and I loaded Bandit into the truck. When we got to the vet Scott decided he couldn't go in, so I had to take Bandit in all by myself. I had planned to just drop him off and say a quick goodbye, but they brought us back to a room and I just couldn't leave him. I ended up staying until after they gave him the first injection to make him sleepy. I did leave while he was still awake. I gave him a hug and told him "don't worry, when you wake up your legs will work perfectly again." I sure do hope he has an endless supply of rawhide and new tennis balls where he is at now.

Saturday was spent with Haley at her Lego League competition. Her team didn't win any trophies, but overall they did pretty well. Haley was even interviewed and on the news that night!

Sunday we had a bridal show all day. They seem to be longer everytime we go. Hopefully this one will provide us with some much needed wedding business. It's so hard to quit going when so many photographers are going out of business and so many "newbies" are popping up and you know they won't be around for too long. At least it gets our name out to all of those brides.

Monday- back to work and finally back to school for the kids. After 2 "cold" days last week, I think they were actually excited to go back!

Tuesday- all 3 kids brought home excellent report cards today! I told both girls if they got all A's I would buy them each a book from the next book orders. Well, I owe each of them a book! Yay! Will's first report card wasn't too shabby either. How do you do a report card on a 3 year old anyway?

That brings us to today. Today I took Haley to see the dr. She has been having dizzy spells, feeling really weak and tired and has also had some shortness of breath. All of these things have been going on for awhile, but she never complained of them all at once. They all started happening a little more often and I started thinking about all of them together and it kind of freaked me out. Well, after an EKG, chest xray, lab work and some breathing tests, the dr is thinking asthma. We are still waiting on some of the results, but for now we are going to be trying in inhaler to see if it helps at all. We go back in a month to see if she can get on some oral medications to keep all of her symptoms at bay.

So see, sometimes my boring little life isn't as boring as I would like it to be. Maybe this next week will be less excititing.

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