Monday, December 7, 2009

1 swear I think about you all the time....

Really, I do! I think about blogging alot, I just never actually have time to sit down and write out my thoughts. Well, tonight I have decided to take a few minutes and get a few things out there! Ready? Hang on, here we go!

People need to just suck it up and do their jobs. Really people, is spending 20 minutes complaining about not wanting to do something ever going to be productive? You are still going to have to do it anyway!

On the other hand, when people are asking you to do something that is completely retarded and will only cause everyone else in the 5 mile radius complete and utter misery, maybe you should think twice before just saying "ok, whatever you want". Sometimes the rich one in the room isn't necessarily the smartest! Seriously, think about it before agreeing to everything they say!

Overdraft fees are the most ridiculous things ever. Oh, you don't have enough money to cover that $5 check you just wrote? How about I charge you $35 for being poor. Oh and since we know you don't have any money, we are also going to try to take your loan payment out and then we can charge you another $35 for not being able to pay. Oh, look at that- you just transferred more than enough money to cover everything you bought today. Oh well, we are still going to charge you that $70 in overdrafts cuz you went to Hy-vee before you logged on to the internet to transfer. Moohaha (that is supposed to be an evil laugh).

If you live in South Dakota, learn how to drive in the snow (and then remember from one winter to the next). Just because there are a few flakes flying thru the air does not mean that running thru stop lights and trying to take out every pedestrian you see is ok. We have like 6 months of snow around here, do you really forget that fast? I bet you have your pin number for your atm card written on the back of it, don't you????

Whoever decided that Christmas should come in the winter when my photographer husband is not bringing in the amount of money that keeps us comfortable should also be the one to explain to my kids why all they are getting for Christmas is clothes. (and not much of that either)

I need to turn myself into one of those people who can't eat when they are stressed. I am really tired of being a stress eater, and always being stressed out. How on earth am I ever supposed to be a hot mom? That's right, my goal is to have my kid's friends think I'm hot! (is that weird or maybe even creepy? Whatever, I still want to be that mom!)

Whew- I feel better. I can breathe a little now that some of that is off my chest. There is still quite a backlog, but I think that is good for tonight! I think I need to get on the elliptical and sweat out some more frusterations.

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