Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vacation Day???

I took today off of work because the girls didn't have school and I needed to get them in for some appointments. So, how does Wendy spend a "vacation" day?

1. Up at 5 am - run 4 miles in 43 minutes. (yeah, yeah, I know I'm slow)
2. Take Will to preschool at 8:30
3. Take Hannah to dentist at 9:00- no cavities, but she does have 2 really loose teeth that she needs to get out before too much food gets under them and causes cavities on the permanent teeth.
4. Quick trip to Mini Critters to get bunny supplies.
5. Take both girls to orthodontist. Haley gets to wait another year before going back. Her teeth are spacing themselves out pretty well for now. Hannah goes in Dec 10 for a fitting for partial braces. Dec 17 she gets them on. Oh joy- We will be using all of the insurance allocated money for her orthodontic and we still owe boocoo bucks!
6. Meet up with Scott and Will for lunch. We went to the Wildflower bakery and cafe downtown. Decent food, decent price.
7. Take all 3 kids to Hobby Lobby to get some "stuff" for Scott. Head home, drop off girls to play at home, head to studio with afore mentioned "stuff"
8. Take Will to Hy-vee to pick out snacks for Thursday's preschool.
9. Fold 3 loads of laundry, figure out Thanksgiving menu, clean a couple of kitchen cupboards.
10. Take kids to swimming lessons.
11. Make supper for myself and the kids. Scott is gone all evening to Imagemasters.
12. Workout #2 for the day- P90X cardio.
13. It is now 7:53 pm- typing on blog, need to get kids in bed. Desperately need a bath- sweating from P90X.

I can't imagine how many days I would need to have off before I would feel like I was "caught up". I guess I will never know, cuz tomorrow it's back to work! I did enjoy the day, though. Other than seeing the upcoming bill from the orthodontist, there was nothing stressful and I never once had to find something to do to look busy!

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