Monday, September 7, 2009

Long holiday weekend = wedding, state fair, lazy day

We started out the long weekend with a 12 hour wedding day in Worthington, MN. We had a great couple to work with so the day actually went pretty fast and we were home in time to tuck the kids in bed!

Sunday we took our kids and Kirby and Kyler to the state fair. Yup- 5 kids to a fair! Crazy? Yes! Fun? Absolutely! The kids were all great, the ride both there and back was pretty quiet thanks to the portable dvd player and we only lost 1 child for less than 2 minutes. (longest 2 fricken minutes of my life!) I suppose I should explain that one, huh? I was getting slushies for Kirby, Ky and Hannah. Scott, Haley and Will were just hanging out behind us. I turn around and immediately notice that Will is missing. As soon as I asked Scott where Will was, the look on his face sent me into panic mode! We are at the state fair and I can't find my 3 year old! Oh My God! A frantic 60 seconds (seriously, it might not have even been that long) later I see Will 50 feet down the midway sobbing and talking to a very nice lady. She said he told her he was with his mommy and daddy and now didn't know where they were. As soon as I picked him up I thought I was going to puke, all the panic just turned into "what could have been" Talking to Will about it later he said "I didn't walk away, I was just in the same spot and couldn't see you anymore so I went to find you" Oh my poor baby! Needless to say, next year he will have a leash! (just kidding- don't send me hate mail for wanting to put my kid on a leash)

Anyway, the rest of the day was great- here are some pics

Kirby told me that one of his goals for the day was to see a donkey- mission accomplished!
Kirby, Haley and Hannah on Pharoah's Fury

I don't think Ky is really enjoying the ride...

Hannah was nice enough to go on some rides with Will..

Even Kirby took Will on a ride- almost looks like he's having more fun than Will!

Bubba got to check out some tractors too!

Today was spent being way more lazy than I had hoped. I had a list of things that I was hoping we could get accomplished today, but no one else was very motivated. I did go for a long run this morning. I think I ran a total of 6 miles and walked maybe 1/4 mile. Pretty darn proud of myself for that! Well, I'd better get to reading bedtime books, it's back to routine tomorrow!

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