Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thought just maybe

I thought maybe I should put up a more recent post than July because I will be linking my assigned website to this page. That's right - I have an assignment! Why? Because I decided that my life isn't near chaotic enough so now I am taking 3 college classes. One of them happens to be Intro to Computers- (silly as I am on computers every day, but what can you do?). One of the assignments is to create a website. Now that you know what prompted me to write again, I suppose I could give you a little more of an update on my life. Here goes: Still working at Sanford, still working at Victoria's Secret, still have 3 kids and a husband, now trying to work towards a Business Management degree. Crazy, I know, but if I want to get anywhere other than where I am at, I need to get a degree. At least I qualified for a little bit of grant money so I only have to take out a small loan and am hoping to get some education assistance from Sanford to pay part, if not all, of that loan. The assistance would rely on my grades- so when I say I have to study-don't try to keep me from it! Unless you want to pay off my loans, then by all means - have at it!
Well, Will is standing here begging for more cereal- he already ate two bowls full so I think I'd better go find something for him!
Till next time-

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